Keyword Research

Competitor analysis and creative phrases that target power users of search engines. Trying to rank for generic keywords is an uphill battle for most businesses.

Content Creation

Motion graphics, Sales Ads, Blog Posts & Copywriting, Strategies and everything in between. Keep your user retention high with engaging visuals.

A/B Split Testing

Testing 1, 2, 3. We’ll try multiple data sets using different images, dialogue, subject groups, demographics, platforms, media types, queries, and more.

Organic Tactics

We stay up to date on best algorithm practices and will never use black hat tactics or tools to get results. Spam hurts business, integrity is what builds longevity.

Link Generation

Cleaning up old, broken links and complimenting your current backlinks. This gives insight to what and who is ranking your website, and where to keep targeting.

In Depth Analysis

Detailed reports with the use of pixel and cookie data. We’ll send you extensive & easy to read progress reports detailing your online presence & reach.



These packages include deliverables tailored by reach and scope

Keyword Ranking | Digital Content | Reformatting | Copywriting | Motion Graphics | Data Heavy Reports | Auditing & More


Startups & New Online Business
starting at
$ 2,200 Monthly*
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 4 Social Media Posts
  • Up to 15 Optimized Pages
  • Title & Meta Tag Generation
  • Daily Search Engine Indexing
  • + 20 More Deliverables


For Growing Small-Medium Customer Bases
starting at
$ 4,500 Monthly**
  • 8 Blog Posts
  • 8 Social Media Posts
  • Up to 30 Optimized Pages
  • 5% Ad Spend Included
  • Weekly Keyword Analysis
  • +25 More Deliverables


Crafted for rapid reach & engagement
starting at
$ 7,500 Monthly**
  • 15 Blog Posts
  • 15 Social Media Posts
  • Up to 40 Optimized Pages
  • 8% Ad Spend Included
  • Unlock Snapchat Ads
  • Motion Graphic Ads
  • Influencer Marketing Offers
  • +30 More Deliverables
Best Value


for Nationwide prospects
starting at
$ 12,000 Monthly**
  • 25+ Blog Posts
  • 25+ Social Media Posts
  • Up to 75 Optimized Pages
  • 10% Ad Spend Included
  • Unlock Google Story Posts
  • +45 More Deliverables

FAQ about SEO for ECommerce

Our SEO packages are unique in that they include ad spends, focus on off page marketing & optimization, Social posts, and everything in between for most businesses.

This depends on many factors that may be out of our control, but based on previous performance, you can expect to see a rise in traffic and user discovery usually within 3 months of solid marketing and content creation. We have ranked for keywords very fast even in competitive industries, but again, every business is different.

We make sure your site analytics are setup correctly and all of the meta data is formatted in an optimized way so we can see results for your project. As long as you focus on creating a great product or service and offer great customer service, we can handle the rest!

We define Social Media Posts as digitally generated & designed posts for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. These can include single images, carousel posts , story posts, social ads, and more.. We do need a bulk of media to work with for these posts, such as studio images of your E-Commerce products (if you need that service, contact us, we have a full time professional photographer on call) or pictures of your retail locations with relevant terms and content. Eg: You own a Gym franchise and want to let all your followers know of a chain wide sale. We can design a specific Social Media Post for this.

High risk industries are businesses that are typically aimed at the 18+ crowd such as Cannabis/CBD, Alcohol, Tobacco, Bars, Clubs, Firearms, etc. Some industries such as Cannabis cannot advertise on Google or Social Media Platforms due to it's federal legality status. GET R2 has the experience and contacts to promote your high risk business in the online landscape. These industries rely heavily on organic marketing and search terms which takes more time than regular risk types.

Not a problem! Some businesses may have in house designers or marketing teams that deal with their respective parts. Please contact us for a custom consultation for SEO services here.

Somewhere between 1 week and months to years or maybe never! This misconception is unfortunately often touted by fly-by-night SEO and marketing gurus to sell their course or service. The truth is, you can rank on the first page for certain words, keyphrases and even based on user cookie and geolocation. Some industries such as Insurance for example, have huge budgets that will pay over $100 per click to their websites for ads.

If you're in a super competitive industry, ranking for broad search terms will take more time and strategy (and most often, not even worth your time) than if you were to try to rank for longer queries. Search engine crawlers take some time to learn data from your pages and judge them based off of their quality. This comes down to everything from Mobile view speed, layout shifting, image texts, structuring and so much more. 

Motion Graphic ads bring your marketing words to life with animated titles, product fly ins, and more. These types of ads are used on Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and interstitially on most media platforms. These are great for Fashion or Product brands.

If you're not happy with the service we provide, we'll be more than happy to work with you. Just let us know as soon as possible. We don't stop until we see results, so we usually don't have to resort to this!

For BRICK & MORTAR and service industries


supercharged for LOCAL lead generation and foot traffic

Keyword Ranking | Targeted Demographics | Stationery Digital Content | Link Building | Data Reports & More


Best for Single Location & Local Services
starting at
$ 1,200 Monthly*
  • 1 Location
  • Great for Service Indsutries
  • 5 Location Pages
  • Directory Listings & Optimization
  • Up to 10 Optimized Pages
  • 15 Keywords
  • 1 Blog Post
  • +15 More Deliverables


Suited for Multi-Chain & Multi-Location
starting at
$ 3,200 Monthly**
  • Target State Counties
  • Best for On-Call Services
  • 20 Location Pages
  • Up to 25 Optimized Pages
  • 30 keywords
  • 15 Key Phrases
  • In Depth Data Reports
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • Keyword Competition Insights
  • +20 More Deliverables


For rapidly growing Multi-Chain operations
starting at
$ 5,500 Monthly**
  • Multi State Targeting
  • Great for branch based biz
  • Up to 5 State Pages
  • 10 Locations for each State Page
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Up to 40 Optimized Pages
  • 6 Blog Posts
  • +25 More Deliverables


for reaching Nationwide customers
starting at
$ 9,000 Monthly**
  • Reach across the US
  • Perfect for Vacation Destinations
  • Strategic Page Creation (20)
  • Subpages for Strategic Pages
  • Up to 60 Optimized Pages
  • On-the-Fly retargeting
  • 12 Blog Posts
  • +30 More Deliverables

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