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Hello human! My name is Robert Slate.

You may know me from R2 MX Graphics, R2 Prints, Vesta CBD, Spoke Covers or even filming/photography for Motocross back in the day when I was a young’n. If not, allow me to introduce you to my domain (literally).

How did GET R2 start?

Though I’ve been using WordPress, Shopify, and some other CMS’ for 12+ years, in 2018-2019 I started dabbling in programming in Solidity to audit smart contracts for Cryptocurrency (for myself). This then turned to learning a little Flutter to develop cross native Mobile Apps which then led to learning some PHP for knowing the inner workings of the WordPress system. I guess you could say curiosity is what got us here! 

It wasn’t until the recent global pandemic that I REALLY took an interest in helping businesses of all sizes build and scale their presence online. I’ve built great contacts in many fields of multiple industries that help get quality content and work produced for both myself and projects we may have. This includes Cryptocurrency, Cannabis, Tech, Software, Marketing and more.

Through the trials and tribulations of my own brands, I’ve been able to help other small businesses flawlessly navigate the muddy waters that is known as the world wide web. In 2022 and beyond, I plan on dedicating time to perfect the craft of all the programming frameworks mentioned above, as well as becoming fluent in Cybersecurity to keep clients and customers safe! 

Focused on Results and User Experience

GET R2 is here to help you grow your business online, no bullsh*t. With over 12 years of WordPress experience and 15 years of graphic design, we’re creatives first with a knack for getting seen online, no matter the hurdles. We’ve been building internationally recognized E-Commerce brands and websites for 10+ Years. 

GET R2 is based in Southwick, MA but can help businesses from all over the world. Contact us today for your Web & Mobile App Design, SEO and Marketing, or Product Design projects.

Why We're Different

Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing & Hosting. All in one place.

Instead of logging into a separate web host, giving credentials to your web designer, having them give those credentials to somebody else, then telling your graphic designer what you need, but you need the logo from your old graphic designer… We handle it all. Cut down on the redundancy, we’re here to be your creative weapon.

From action sports and auto parts to cryptocurrency, hair salons and photographers, cannabis dispensaries to liquor stores, restaurants and bars we’ve experienced it all. Most, even first hand. This helps us make safe & sound decisions based on your industry, and direct you in the correct path without wasting your time and money.

Lucky for you, sleep doesn’t exist for the internet. Tinkering with bugs and analytics late in the night is a specialty. Send in a support ticket after normal business hours. We’re here. 

Interested in our graphic design or print services? You’re in good hands. We’ve been printing everything from apparel to UTV Graphics and every other type of print medium in between since 2014 | NO MIDDLEMEN. We know which colors work where, how to save on production cost, best suppliers, packaging prototyping, sizing, compliance in some industries, and more. Let us know about your project and we’ll let you know what we can do, no gimmicks.

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We want to be your go-to web design agency & partner. Whether you need a full web design & development or a dependable monthly maintenance package, we have you covered.